Elementary Sciences

About Us

As a parent you want to see your child have opportunities to be happy and successful.

Elementary Sciences was created to provide opportunities.  As a mother of four and a teacher, I know that teaching isn't always easy, but given the right tools it can be easier than you think.

These kits were created because of the limitations of the kits aimed at children.  Most science kits on offer are used once and then thrown away, with limited chanced to learn.  So I decided to create my own kits, with three main aims. 

  • Creating a kit that could be used time and again 

  • To allow children to learn about science in their own time and in their own way.  

  • Inclusive - our kits are they are designed to be science kits for everyone.

We are small company based in Wales, the kits aren't mass-produced but put together by those who believe passionately in helping children to learn how fascinating and fun science can be. We provide kits to schools, homeschoolers and parents. (For a lot of parents the last science lessons were in school, so we provide the resources, activities and basic science knowledge to jog the memory!)  A lot of the content is linked to the National Curriculum - so that helps too. 

If a child gains a love of science from one of our kits, we've done our job right.


Explore, Experiment, Enjoy!